Marian Ralph

Conference Coordinator

Marian brings her discerning eye and friendly demeanour to all aspects of her work as the administrative optimizer at Springstreet Communications.

Upon completion of a certificate program in religious studies in Germany, she began her career in administration with an 8 year appointment at Sun Microsystems Canada Human Resources, followed by Canadian Operations. Her detail oriented approach to operations and communications are the bedrock of her successful track record in all aspects of administration.

Following a lengthy leave to raise a family, Marian re-emerged with a focus to apply her considerable organizational skills within the charitable sector. Most recently, Marian was positioned as the administrative hub for the CCELD global participants. Her pedantic nature and affable style facilitated the acquisition & management of all sensitive information in accordance with all regulatory concerns and deadlines. She brings a wealth of experience to a wide range of administration challenges in general, and of chartable operations in particular, including board relations, donor management, and 'process' auditing.