For many associations, not-for-profit and non funded productions, the need for revenue to underwrite event costs is critical. Many clients are overwhelmed by the sheer expense and the budget required to keep their project from financially spiralling out of control. Sponsorship can traditionally provide a comprehensive stream of revenue but the success of a sponsorship program is very much tied to the client's network, the programs and products offered and a management team that recognizes and can provide maximum value for the sponsor. 

Many associations often do not realize that when you enter into a relationship with a sponsor, you are taking on a client, just as you would for your core business. Sponsors require legal documents or "agreements" to be exchanged, benefits that are of value, marketing, opportunities, and excellent client service. If you are looking for a sustainable annual event, you want to make sure that the sponsors experience with your program is both positive and of value.

We have the tools to help. Because Springstreet specializes in the "not-for-profit" model of events, we will provide to you and your team years of experience working in sponsorship development and management. From strategic planning with your steering committee to creating relevant sponsorship offerings, invoicing, bookkeeping, on-site management and correspondence. Springstreet will manage all aspects.

Our conferences and events are designed to be profitable for our clients - we have never created an event that has not been in the black.