A key factor to the success of any event is the ease and efficiency of the registration process. But registration is more than simply recording and tracking attendance. A registration program that captures important data for future events is critical. The contact list generated and stored is the "currency" for both the client and the sponsor. 

When it comes to on-line and on-site registration, no one does it better than Springstreet. On-site registration will impact the overall perception of the level of quality of the event before the first speaker steps to the podium. Let's face it -- a poor registration experience can leave a pretty dismal impression of an event in a matter of minutes. At Springstreet we have shaved off the entire chafe from the registration kernel and kept it sleek, fast and efficient. Your delegates will be through their registration process before they have a chance to say their name.

Our registration includes:

  • On-line registration form customized to your event
  • Payment processing: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Money Order, Cheque
  • Name Tag production
  • On-site registration
  • Data collection
  • Ongoing Administration¬†