The challenge for most event planning committees is getting started. All too often a good idea gets lost simply because there is no structure or "driver" to move the process forward. Even the best intentioned planning groups are the highest risk of disbanding in the early stages of a project if the fundamentals of purpose, picture, plan and roles have not been identified. 

Springstreet understands that strong project management is your best investment to a successful event. Our extensive experience and strong facilitation skills allows us to bring the very best of your organizing committee to the table. 

We have a tried and true model for early stage planning that will give your initial meetings the structure you need to get to the project on solid ground. 

Springstreet provides the following services in Discovery, Strategy and Planning:

  • Structured preliminary discussions and identification of goals
  • Pre-planning homework to get individuals on task and focused
  • Scheduling and organizing planning meetings including: dates, location and agendas
  • Leading edge facilitation at all planning meetings
  • Committee management including task and tactical management
  • "Next step" documentation